Child Tax Credit Contact Number

If you’re interested in getting Child Tax Credits then call HMRC on their phone number 0345 300 3900 to contact the enquiries team. They’ll be able to answer all your questions regarding receiving such a wonderful benefit.

Financially, a child is an expense that most parents will subject themselves to voluntarily. Sometimes however such a big change is thrust upon the couple without warning or parents aren’t in the strongest financial situation, which is why Child Tax Credits are an important part of the UK’s social support.

Whether a child is planned or not, things will always change for their parents. One of the biggest changes that the parents will feel when having a child is the blow they receive to their salaries. When you have a child you have to feed them, buy them clothes, educate them and entertain them. Nothing in this world comes cheap anymore and no one knows the truth of this better than parents.

As the child grows, the expenses just keep on piling up. This is why the UK Government has made it a priority to help parents out in raising their kids. With Child Tax Credits parents can save a little more and continue to provide for their children. Parents in the UK should really be abreast of all the details surrounding the Child Tax Credit.

Phone Numbers for Child Tax Credit

If you’re interested in claiming the benefit or if you just want to learn more, then dial the HMRC phone line on 0345 300 3900 for more details. You can also dial 0345 300 3909 if you’re using a Minicom. Alternatively if you are currently outside the UK and need support with your child tax credits please call their international phone number +44 2890 538 192. You can also use a live web chat service to contact HMRC about child tax credits by going to their official website