CSA Contact Number

If you seek help with claiming child support for your children from a negligent parent, then you can phone the CSA contact number on 0345 713 3133 for assistance.

A man and woman may form relationships for the purposes of love, mutual satisfaction, support and enjoyment. These are the most important things for lovers when they start out. When things get serious, things change and sometimes these changes are abrupt and unplanned.

An unplanned pregnancy can change the dynamics of the relationship and a rift may form between the two lovers. This could lead the man to break the relationship and run away from his responsibilities of fatherhood. Even when it is perfectly legal and sometimes even justified to separate with a lover, what is not is to be negligent on your child support.

The child is the innocent partywho is just unlucky enough to be in the crossfire. When this happens it is best to seek help from the UK government’s Child Support Agency or the CSA. The CSA can help track the negligent parent and can open dialogue with them in relation to child support. If both parties don’t want to establish contact with each other, then they can even make payments to the CSA and the CSA will be the one to make sure that the child or the parent with the child gets it.

Phone the CSA

If you’re in need of CSA customer service with your child support payments, you can call them on 0345 713 3133. Their textphone number is 0345 713 8924. To discuss all the Child Maintainance options that are available for you and your estranged partner please call their freephone contact number 0800 0835 130. If you require CSA services in welsh please call their dedicated helpline 0800 408 0308 (Os oes angen gwasanaethau CSA yn Gymraeg, ffoniwch eu llinell gymorth bwrpasol 0800 408 0308).