E.ON Contact Number

You can correspond with an E.ON customer service representative over the phone by contacting them via their helpline number 0345 303 3040 for E.ON prepayment customers or call 0345 303 3020 for credit customers. You can also contact E.ON via social media by tweeting them @EONhelp.

There are a lot of things that can’t be done without electricity. Our world today functions at its best because it is enveloped in the radiating light of electricity. Electricity is one of the most useful things that have been discovered by man. It’s a good thing that man has the mental capacity to exploit the power of electricity because if we didn’t, our world would be a very different and dark place.

It is thanks to large power suppliers like E.ON in the UK that the our society enjoys modern convenience like the fluorescent lamp or the internet. Even our reliable mobile phone runs on electricity that’s produced by power generators like E.ON.

E.ON on Social Media

Because we have easy access to social media through our mobile phones or computers, it is one of the most reliable means of communication today.

If you have enquiries about E.ON and their services, you can just tweet them @EONhelp.

Alternatively, send a message to them via Facebook: www.facebook.com/EonEnergyUk.

E.ON Telephone Numbers

Although social media is becoming an increasingly important way of contacting companies such as E.ON, most people still prefer to phone the company directly to answer their queries or resolve any issues.  E.ON’s main phone numbers are 0345 059 9905 for bill enquiries, 0345 303 3040 for prepaid accounts and 0345 303 3020 for credit accounts, however there are many more phone numbers for E.ON which you can find in the list below.

E.ON Department UK Phone Number
Prepaid Accounts 0345 303 3040
Credit Account Enquiries 0345 303 3020
Bill Enquiries 0345 059 9905
Smart Pay as you Go 0345 366 5996
Business Enquiries 0333 202 4586
Complaints 0333 202 4606
Braille Letters Service 0333 202 4674
Minicom & Textphone Services 0800 056 6560