First Utility Contact Number

The First Utility customer phone line is available for enquiries on their cheaper electricity; just contact 01926 320 700.

Electricity is one of those necessities that we don’t really have a choice on in terms of price. When the companies say they cost this much, then we can’t really argue with them. We just have to pay – or do we? We may not have to argue with them after all because it seems that First Utility is doing it for us.

First Utility is offering cheaper electricity for everyone and they are publicly exposing the shameful secret of the Big Five – that they’ve been overcharging us all along.

Telephone Number for First Utility

If you’re a little curious about the claims of First Utility, then you should try and talk to them on their enquiries phone line on 01926 320 700. This helpline is also suitable if you are an existing customer and you need to notify them about a fault in your meter or that you are moving home.

If you smell gas please call the national grid’s gas emergency helpline  0800 111 999 to notify them that there is a problem with your First Utility supply, or if there is a power cut call 105.

Chat Live with First Utility

Phoning them is not the only way to contact their customer service team. You can also chat with them live through their website

Send an Email to First Utility

You can also choose to send them an email. They don’t have an email address that customers can write to but they do have a contact form right on their website. It can be found at

Social Media Contacts

If you want, their social media accounts are also available for customers.

If you want to communicate via Twitter, they can be reached @FirstUtility.

Those who prefer to use Facebook can send a message their way

They have also posted their advertisements and announcements on their YouTube page