TV Licence Contact Number

The TV Licence office enquiries phone line is easy to contact – just dial 0300 790 6144 to get answers to your enquiries including current costs, how to renew your licence, missed payment queries and how to move your licence to a new address.

Watching entertaining shows on TV is a surefire way of alleviating boredom. This is because there are just so many creative programmes that you can choose to watch. There are shows about zombies, beautiful vampires, dragons, superheroes or just about everything in between. There are slice of life dramas that you can relate too. You can also turn on the sports channel and watch a good football or boxing match on TV. In the UK you can only enjoy the use of most television services if you have a TV licence as this is a legal requirement. Therefore you may be liable for a fine if you watch live television broadcasts and BBC iPlayer catch-up services from your address without a valid TV Licence.


Telephone Numbers for TV Licence

If you’re not quite familiar with how to get a TV Licence or how not getting one could affect your TV viewing experience, then call them up on their customer service and information line on 0300 790 6144. Here you can discuss their full prices including discounts for the elderly and the blind. Moreover if you would like to renew your current licence or transfer it to a new address once you have moved home you can call this helpline for advice.

There are two popular methods of paying for a TV Licence, the first is the Payment card and the other is the Savings card. If you would like information on the Payment card then phone 0300 555 0286 to contact the TV licensing Agency, alternatively if you would like information on the Savings card, then call 0300 555 0281 where you can also report a missing card.

Finally you’re using a textphone service as you are hard-of-hearing the number to dial is 0300 790 6050. Please ensure you call from a working textphone or minicom device when using this service.


Postal Address for TV Licensing

If you would like to send the TV Licensing Agency a letter, then address your post to their UK office address:

TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL,
United Kingdom.


Email Address for TV Licensing

You can also communicate with TV Licence through email by using the form on their official website You can pay for your licence or update your account details if you have moved to a new address by going to this website.